Why Choose Us?

Apex Tech Solution is your one stop solution with a proud history over 10 years providing much needed solutions for all your Tech needs where the portfolio consists of a wide range of products and in different variants. Apex Tech Solutions focus on providing best and quality products for their customers at a reasonable price while providing above average customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. In case of faulty products, we have an upstanding warranty and claim procedures to make sure that your requirements are met in minimum time loss as possible. Most of our suppliers are based locally, so we assure you that we can arrange the best possible warranty claim service. In case your requirements supersedes what the local market has to offer, we will provide you with assistance to meet these requirements. We will step up to cross horizons to locate and satisfy these requirements. To further facilitate your access to your needs, we offer to deliver to meet your requirements straight to where you live within Sri Lankan Borders. We have so far even reached our valued customers in Jaffna. We assure you that we are willing to undertake delivery to any part of the World.

Top notch products with reasonable prices with incredible customer service.

Samantha Roberts
Canberra, Australia
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Samuel Jackson
Los Angeles, California

About Us

Whether you're building your own gaming PC or hoping to upgrade the computer you have for your desired purpose, Apex Tech Solutions has the ability to offer you the ideal solution that will meet your expectations. The premium hardware that we offer would be of outstanding quality and the brands that we choose would speak for themselves. We give you not only the ability to be exposed to such high-end hardware, but also ensure that we offer them at reasonable prices. It is our thought that every individual who has the passion for high-end computers deserves to experience great high-end hardware. With the latest computer products brought from the top-grade brands all over the world, we promise you on delivering the best available options for your dream gaming rig.